1974 Charging Articling Students

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In 1974, discussions carried on regarding survey education, professionalism and the formation of the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors.

Information relating to having an Alberta Land Surveyor installed on the proposed Boundaries Advisory Committee was reviewed with correspondence being prepared for forwarding to the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Council considered it would be beneficial to the committee to have a person familiar with the definition of boundaries on it. There is no information that a Boundaries Advisory Committee was ever established.

The advisability of having an Executive Council consisting of the president, vice-president and at least one other member of Council to deal with urgent situations was reviewed and considered to be an excellent suggestion. It would be, however, twenty years before the concept took hold.

Council also considered the subject of a hiring a secretary-manager but considered the cost too high considering the number of members in the Association.

In other matters, the Association began charging articled students an annual fee. It was felt that it would provide interested articled students with a better understanding of the Association and equip them for registration as an Alberta Land Surveyor. It would also provide a record of the persons interested in pursuing a career in land surveying.

A date of January 1, 1975 was finally agreed upon as being the cut-off date for entry into articles under the old syllabus with May 1, 1978 being recommended as the date all examinations under the old syllabus must be completed.

By 1974, the topic of allowing members to be commissioners for oaths once again was discussed but, after reviewing numerous pieces of correspondence with the Attorney-General, Council considered the matter closed so that energy could be directed to other important matters.

Council supported a proposal from the Alberta Society of Technicians and Technologists to establish a training program for unemployed prospective survey assistants. The course would be a short course and would provide a basic knowledge for employment on a survey crew. The program would be undertaken by ASTT and the Department of Manpower and Immigration.

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