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Former Executive Director Ken Allred was elected president of the Association in 2001-2002.

During the year, the Association made a presentation to the Standing Policy Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs to promote the creation of a buried facilities act. The presentation was the result of concerns raised by ATCO Gas and government officials regarding surveyors hitting buried facilities with iron posts. The Association argued that buried facilities should be accurately mapped and the mapping should be publicly available.

In June 2001 in Quebec, the Association had signed a mutual recognition agreement with the other self-governing professional survey associations (except PEI) allowing land surveyors to obtain their commission in other jurisdictions without being required to article and, in 2002, the Association went about implementing the agreement. At this Annual General Meeting, the Association endorsed amendments to the Examination & Training Regulation and gave their approval to by-law amendments that would allow land surveyors applying under the mutual recognition agreement to be known as affiliate members. In the first year, ten land surveyors applied to become Alberta Land Surveyors under the terms of the agreement.

The Association welcomed Lieutenant-Governor Lois Hole, who assisted President Allred with the official induction of ten new members at this annual meeting. In the business meeting itself, the membership endorsed deleting sections of the Manual of Standard Practice which were duplicated with the Manual of Standard Practice. The membership also endorsed the concept of establishing a database for filing restoration of survey monument information. 2002 marked the first year committees developed rationale documents to explain in writing the reason behind the recommendations. It must have worked; 9 out of 10 recommendations passed.

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