A.J. Tremblay

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A.J. Tremblay, ALS
Known for Nephew to J.L. Cote, ALS

Lieutenant Albert Jacques Tremblay was born at Les Eboulements, in the Province of Quebec, on July 25th, 1887, and was educated at the Commercial Academy, Quebec, and at Ottawa, and McGill Universities.

He obtained his commission as a Dominion Land Surveyor in 1912, and as an Alberta Land Surveyor the same year.

He made several important surveys for the Dominion Government near Mirror Landing and Fort McMurray, and practiced his profession in Edmonton as a member of the firm of Cote, Tremblay and Pearson.

He enlisted at Quebec on February 1st, 1916, and became a lieutenant in the 58th Battalion, from which he was transferred to the 2nd Pioneers, and from which in July, 1918, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, with the rank of lieutenant observer.

He was wounded in the winter of 1917, and was killed on August 31st, 1918, in an aeroplane accident at Winchester, England. The late Lieutenant Tremblay was survived by a mother living in Les Eboulements, in Quebec, also a sister and a brother, Captain S. Tremblay.