A.R. (Art) Knudson

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Art Knudson, ALS
Known for "I'll remember Art for his quick smile, his love of children, and his obvious pleasure in helping others."

Art was born in Canmore, Alberta, the second youngest of five children in the family of Arthur and Ruth Knudson. Art, being the only son, was very likely the centre of attention in the Knudson household. He often talked of his younger days growing up in Canmore, playing hockey, working in the local pool hall, fishing in the Bow, and of his friends, whom he would return to visit whenever possible.

After graduating from high school, he spent some time underground in the Canmore mine before starting with Bob McCutcheon's firm in the summer of 1953. Art remained with that company and its successor, Wolley-Dod and MacCrimmon Surveys, until the end of 1991.

He articled to M.A. MacCrimmon and received his ALS commission in July 1976. Art spent the years 1992 to 1997 with Maltais Associates Surveyors Ltd., Key North Surveys Ltd., J. Stuart Engineering & Surveying Ltd., and finally Northcan Surveys Ltd. Wayne Hucik and members of his staff were with Art when he died so suddenly from a massive heart attack in 1997.

Land surveying was never just a job for Art. It was his love, and it provided a satisfaction for him that few other occupations could have done. Art, a shy individual in some ways, avoided any "standing" in the Association; however, there was never any doubt as to where his allegiance lay. He was genuinely proud to be an Alberta Land Surveyor.

I'll remember Art for his quick smile, his love of children, and his obvious pleasure in helping others. He had a remarkable memory for places and people. He could recall most of the wellsites which he had located throughout the province, or the landowners whom he had dealt with in locating a proposed gas or power line. He rarely forgot a name or a face. Art had one direction, and that was straight ahead.

His father, Arthur Sr., served with the 49th Battalion from Edmonton in WWI. He fought at Vimy Ridge and returned with a Military Medal. Art showed the same resolve which his father before him must have had. I met Mr. Knudson many years ago, and thought at the time how much Art was like his dad. I still do.

M.A. MacCrimmon, ALS (Ret.)