A.T. (Aim) Na Chiangmai

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Aim Na Chiangmai, ALS
Known for J.H. Holloway Scholarship Foundation Award Recipient (2005)

As published in ALS News upon receiving his commission in 2011

Aim Na Chiangmai was born in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1979. He immigrated to Canada in 1996, graduated from Paul Kane High School of St. Albert in 1999 and from the University of Calgary in 2006 with a B.Sc. in Geomatics Engineering.

Articles were served under Tim Steeves, ALS of Challenger Geomatics Ltd. in Calgary from January 2007 until he received his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on March 18, 2011. Aim is also an engineer-in-training with APEGGA.

Surveying experience includes working in the oil & gas sector primarily in Northern Alberta, land claims projects in the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories along with some municipal and construction surveys in Calgary.