C.D. (Colin) Keir

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Colin Keir, ALS
Known for Councillor (2016-2019)

As published in ALS News upon his nomination for Council, 2016

  • Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Graduated from Crescent Heights High School in Calgary in 1988.
  • Diploma from SAIT in Engineering Science Technology in 1992.
  • BSc. in Surveying Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1995.
  • Articles served under John Lovse, ALS and Bill Lovse PEng., ALS.
  • Received PEng Designation in 2001.
  • Received ALS commission in 2004.
  • Member of the Pubic Relations Committee (2000 to 2004).
  • Member of the Professional Development Committee (2007-2010).
  • Current member of Registration Committee (2010-present).
  • Previous employment with Terramatic Technologies Inc. (1996-2008) and MMM Geomatics (2008-2012).
  • Currently Calgary practice lead with Urban Systems Survey Inc.