C.J. (Chris) Chiasson

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On the occasion of his nomination for Council, 2010

  • Received a Survey Technologist Diploma from the College of Geographic Sciences in 1993.
  • Received B.Sc. Eng from the University of New Brunswick in 1998.
  • Articled to Ken Drake, ALS and Tony Melton, ALS.
  • Received ALS commission in June of 2003.
  • Received CLS commission in March of 2004.
  • Served on the Oil and Gas Ad Hoc Committee, Public Relations Committee, and currently on the Registration Committee and the CLS Geographic Information Technology Committee (chairman for two years).
  • Worked in the City of Calgary with Kellam Berg Engineering and Surveys and Pals Surveys Ltd. Worked on oilfield surveying with All-West Surveys, Crape Geomatics Corporation and Altus Geomatics.
  • Currently the branch manager with Altus Geomatics in Grande Prairie.