C.W. (Con) Duemler

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Con Duemler was articled to D. Rae Sutherland in 1957-1958 and George Walker in 1958-1959. He obtained his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on October 13, 1959.

Upon obtaining his commission, D. Rae Sutherland said that Mr. Duemler has shown an energetic approach to all his work and is admirably qualified mathematically for land surveying.

He retired as an active Alberta Land Surveyor in 1983.

He later became a member of the Alberta Council on Aging and a long-time member advocate for low-income seniors. He spoke out in 2001 about how high natural gas prices would hurt seniors and, in 2002, filed suit against the provincial government in an attempt to shut down a private medical clinic in Calgary.