C.W. Bildstein

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Creighton William (Bill) Bildstein graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a BSc in Civil Engineering in 1948. During this time, he was also a half-time instructor in drafting, surveying and survey school at the College of Engineering.

Upon graduation, Bill Bildstein worked for Saskatchewan’s Department of Natural Resources doing legal, engineering and topographic surveys of all types, earning his commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.

In 1950, he moved to Edmonton to join Phillips Hamilton & Associates and received his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on February 26, 1951. He established and managed Phillips, Hamilton & Associates’ office in Regina.

In 1953, he wrote his Dominion Land Surveyor exams but never took out the commission. That same year, Mr. Bildstein joined Mobil Oil of Canada as a land surveyor and landman responsible for all company legal surveys and purchase of mineral and surface leases in Saskatchewan. In Calgary, he was responsible for company surface and mineral rights transactions on two million acres in the South Alberta District.

From 1958-1973, he continued to work for Mobil; first in Libya being the company representative on the establishment of concession boundaries in the Sahara; then in Texas; and finally in Nigeria being the project manager for the construction of a crude oil loading terminal.

In 1973, Bill Bildstein returned to Canada to work for BC Hydro Gas Division as a planning engineer. In 1981, he moved from the Fraser Valley Division to Vancouver Island as manager of distribution and compression facilities. Four years later, Mr. Bildstein became manager of technical support (engineering) in Burnaby. In 1989, he became responsible for initiating company contact with Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai government agencies for the ground evaluation of the feasibility of establishing a gas distribution system in Peninsular Malaysia.

In 1991, Bill Bildstein was contracted to Coopers & Lybrand Consulting Group of Canada to establish and operate Enterprise Malaysia Canada. His mandate was to promote business collaboration between Canadian and Malaysian businesses to assist Malaysia “in securing the necessary technology and expertise to support its priorities for industrial development.”