C. (Carl) Larsen

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Carl Larsen, ALS
Known for ALSA Council Member (2015-2018)

On the occasion of his nomination for Council, 2015

  • Born in Vancouver, BC in 1961.
  • Diploma in Survey Technology from BCIT in 1982.
  • Degree in Surveying Engineering from UNB in 1991.
  • Received Professional Engineer Designation in 2000 under Henry Devos.
  • Received Namibian Land Survey Commission in 1997 under Walter Volkman.
  • One year with MMM Geomatics.
  • Twenty years with McElhanney.
  • Five years in Namibia.
  • Two years with BC Rail.
  • Member of the Standards Committee for five years and Chairman from 2012-2013.
  • Member of the Professional Development Committee for two years.
  • Member of the Future of the Association Committee for one year.
  • Vice-chair of the Future Committee 2014 - 2015.
  • Currently, the Department Manager and Quality Manager at MMM Geomatics.