Charles Courtland Fairchild

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C.C. Fairchild

The roots of the Fairchild family were closely interwoven with the history of that part of Ontario where the subject of this sketch was born. In 1780, the family settled in the area that later became Brant County. One of the first members of the family served as interpreter to Capt. Joseph Brant a name that recurs in the naming of that County and of the City of Brantford.

Here Mr. Fairchild was born on February 21st, 1867 to William F. and Caroline Secord Fairchild. It is to be noted that his mother was of that historical Secord family to which belonged Laura Secord whose name and memory of her famous journey will ever be connected with the early history of this Province, and the war between Canada and United States in 1812. To commemorate her memory, an inscription was placed on a monument he did at Lundy's Lane.

Mr. Fairchild received his public school and collegiate training in Brantford then entered on a science course at the School of Practical Science, Toronto University. He graduated in 1894 with the degree of B.Sc., on April 9th of that same year he was admitted to practice as an Ontario Land Surveyor. He had, during the vacation periods acted as assistant to the engineer of Brantford and after graduation continued in that capacity till 1895. He then became engineer for the town of Simcoe in which capacity he served till 1900 combining his duties with his private practice as an OLS.

In 1900 the Canadian Northwest was calling and being now qualified as a DLS Mr. Fairchild went westward and for a number of years was engaged in exploration and township surveys for the Dominion Government. In addition and having qualified as an ALS and having established an office in Edmonton, he engaged in private practice as a surveyor and civil engineer.

Source: Association of Ontario Land Surveyors