Douglas W. Stevenson

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Douglas W. Stevenson was born in Edmonton in 1925. He attended high school in Edmonton before joining the RCAF in 1944-1945.

After leaving the RCAF, he went to the University of Alberta and then on to article to Oluff Inkster from 1950 to 1954. On June 2, 1954, Mr. Stevenson was commissioned as an Alberta Land Surveyor.

During his career, he did DLS surveys in the Northwest Territories and pipeline surveys with A.G. Stewart. He also did well location, pipeline and engineering surveys in the service of the Esso organization. In 1966-1968, he did survey work with Esso Libya.

He was also active in the affairs of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association, serving on the Legislation Committee, Education Committee, and Public Relations Committee.

He did the first cover artwork for ALS News for the Summer 1977 issue. In 1983, Mr. Stevenson retired as an Alberta Land Surveyor.