E.F. (Ernie) Zander

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Ernie Zander, ALS

Ernest Ferdinand Zander was born on March 26, 1935 at Herbert, Saskatchewan and passed away no November 14, 2009 at Herbert, Saskatchewan.

Ernie got his commission as Alberta Land Surveyor #343 on December 6, 1970. He was also commissioned as a Canada Lands Surveyor and held a license in Alberta as a Land Man.

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Sylvia, and his son, Graeme.

Ernie spent most of his career as a land surveyor in and around Brooks, Alberta. While in Brooks, he belonged to various service clubs and worked his way well up into the ranks of the Masonic Lodge.

Ernie liked to hunt and fish and was a competitive shooter in large bore pistols and rifles. Ernie had a deep and abiding interest in his church and, upon retiring from surveying, consolidated this interest by becoming a pastor. He returned to the area he was born in to practice his ministry.

I first met Ernie at a committee meeting in my office Red Deer in the early 1970s and a firm and lasting friendship ensued.

Ernie and I both swore allegiance to the Queen with our hand on the Bible before a Supreme Court Judge to obtain our commissions as Alberta Land Surveyors. When we later discussed this event, we both agreed that we believed in the Bible and the Queen and, as far as I can remember, this was the only reference between us about religion or politics.

I had the privilege of associating with Ernie for many years and observed that, even with all his commissions, licenses, awards and such, he still found time to help his fellow man. He was truly a gentleman.

I shall miss him.

J.C. (John Horn, ALS (Ret.), CLS (Ret.)