G.B.R. (Garry) Ross

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Garry Ross was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, on March 24th, 1946 and passed away on April 2nd, 2003 in Edmonton, Alberta, at the age of 57 years.

Upon graduating from the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute with a Diploma of Proficiency in land surveying, he came to Alberta and joined All-Can Engineering and Surveys where he articled to R.J. Moen, ALS, and W.H. Jones, ALS. He obtained Alberta Land Surveyor's commission No. 366 on July 4th, 1972.

After obtaining his commission, Garry worked for All-Can Engineering and Surveys Ltd., Snell & Oslund Surveys (1979) Ltd., Norram Surveys & Engineering (1997) Inc., and most recently at Can-Am Surveys Ltd. in Edmonton.

Garry was a very easy-going fellow and was liked by everyone he came in touch with throughout his surveying career and personal activities. It was a privilege to know and work with him and he will be greatly missed by all his fellow workers and friends.

D.R. Jaques, ALS