G.M. (Gunter) Hohn

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Gunter Hohn was born in Berlin, Germany in August 1922. He graduated from the Government Technical School in Berlin in 1940 as a survey engineer and started Technical University but did not complete it because of the war.

In 1953, he came to Canada where he eventually became licensed as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor and a Dominion Land Surveyor. He articled to D.A. Ferguson and was registered as an Alberta Land Surveyor on June 12, 1970.

Gunter Hohn was involved in the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Institute of Surveying as secretary-treasurer and served on the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association’s Historical & Biographical Committee in 1982. He also belonged to the Friends of Berlin.

His survey experience included engineering and legal surveys, pipeline and right-of-way surveys, well site location surveys, and real property reports.

Mr. Hohn retired as an active Alberta Land Surveyor from 1987 to 1996 before renewing his commission. He remained active until March 2001.

Gunter Martin Hohn passed away June 2, 2005.