G.R. (George) Moore

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George Moore, ALS
Known for Worked in both public and private sector

On the occasion of his nomination for Council, 1983

  • Born in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Attended the old Strathcona High School
  • Worked with City of Edmonton surveying in 1954 and 1956
  • Attended SAIT in 1955 and 1957 in Survey Technology
  • Started legal surveying with Surveys Branch - Spring 1957 - with Dave Holmberg on district highways
  • Obtained ALS commission in Spring 1964
  • Took a position as District Surveyor with Department of Highways in 1965 at Edmonton
  • Resident of Edmonton until 1970, then transferred to Red Deer as District Surveyor with Property Services
  • A member of Public Relations Committee for a number of years, involved with Golf Tournament