H.B. (Blair) McLenaghan

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Blair McLenaghan obtained his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on February 23, 1954 and went on the Association’s inactive list in 1955. He was a graduate in civil engineering.

Prior to obtaining his commission, we was an instrumentman under Professor A.G. Larsen on engineering surveys in connection with the Columbia River Basin project at Similkameen, BC in 1947. The following year, he served as an instrumentman at Arrow Lakes, BC on the same project and, in 1949-1950, he worked as an assistant party chief on the same project.

From 1952-1955, he was engaged in engineering and legal survey work with J.A. Lamb, ALS, in Calgary.

In a letter to George Webber, Jack Holloway wrote, “when he took his ALS oral examination, I was one of the examiners and I obtained a good impression of his abilities and sense of judgment."