H.H. (Hans) Krajewski

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Han Krajewski, ALS
Known for German Prisoner of War

Hans was born in Berlin, Germany on February 9, 1919 where he attended primary and secondary school, graduating from high school in 1937.

Following graduation, Hans completed a business course and obtained employment with a local newspaper. He worked in the newspaper business until 1939 at which time, he went to serve in the German army as a dispatcher. Hans was in the service of his country until D-Day 1944, when he was taken prisoner of war by the Americans and was interred in England until his release and return to Berlin in 1947.

Hans and Charlotte were married in 1948 and resided in Berlin where their two sons, Herbert and Horst, were born. Hans left his family in Berlin and emigrated to Canada in May 1954.

He obtained employment with the Department of Highways, working in the Peace River area under Ilmar Pals, ALS. At the conclusion of the summer surveying season, Hans returned to Edmonton and was offered a position with the Department of Highways in the Edmonton office.

Shortly after his return to Edmonton, Charlotte and the two boys joined Hans in Edmonton. Hans was always an individual who liked challenges and was soon making advancements in his career. He commenced with a routine office position and retired as a Senior Officer I on February 8, 1984.

During his twenty-nine years of service, Hans attended evening classes at NAIT, and was a member of ASET and ASSMT where he served as a councillor and committee chairman. Hans articled to R.F. Baker, ALS, J. Deyholos, ALS and I. Pals, ALS. He gained recognition as an Alberta Land Surveyor on June 30, 1976.

Hans always strove for improvement and was always available to lend a helping hand or provide advice. He will be remembered every time a print of a registered subdivision plan is picked up and the initials H.H.K. are scrawled near the Director of Surveys approval.

Hans was a person you could call a friend. Hans H. Krajewski passed away on Thursday, November 9, 1995. He was 76 years of age.

R.F. Baker, ALS