H.S. Day

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Harry Day passed away in Victoria at Glenwarren Private Hospital on December 22, 1972. His widow, Beatrice Day, reported that “although unable in recent years to attend meetings, he was always eager to follow the progress and changes in the Association.”

In 1952, Harry Day was invited to represent the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association at the Corporation of Land Surveyors of the Province of British Columbia’s 1953 annual general meeting. Mr. Day declined as he planned to go to California shortly after the new year if his wife could shake the flu.

In his letter, he also reported:

R.W. Cautley had a stroke last year and was listed to pass out but I met him walking on the street a while ago. He must have discovered the elixir."

“I see L.C. Charlesworth often and I believe he looks better each time I see him."

“I understand from Ben Arthurs that surveying is at last a paying proposition – the Surveys Branch must be a busy spot...”