J.A.E. (Art) Hall

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J.A.E. Hall was better known to his friends, peers, and associates as Art.

Art was a boy scout, a veteran of World War II, and an Alberta Land Surveyor, in that order. Anyone familiar with the Scouts, the services, and land surveying will note a distinct similarity in the requirements to belong to each of these organizations.

Art was born and educated in Edmonton, joined the RCAF in April of 1941 as a radar technician, and was in turn, posted to the RAF and the Royal Navy, where he served in the Mediterranean, Southern France, Italy, Greece, and North Africa. For his service to his country, he was awarded seven medals. The experience and premature grey hairs were thrown in as part of the job description.

He is survived by his wife, Lura. Art and Lura met and married in July of 1951 when they both worked for Northwestern Utilities.

Art received his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor in 1956. Maintaining a home and marriage with one woman for forty-five years, and maintaining an allegiance to one profession for forty years, gives a good indication of the steadfast nature of Art's character.

My first recollection of John Arthur Eden Hall is of him up on the floor at an annual meeting, berating the Council of the day because he felt they had strayed from the proper path. My last recollection of the said John Arthur Eden Hall, some thirty odd years later, is of him up on the floor again at an annual meeting, berating the Council of that day because he felt that they too had strayed.

Art was proud to be an Alberta Land Surveyor and took an avid interest in his profession. His opinion was his own, and though he may have marched to a different drum than most others, he did indeed march when the situation warranted it. It was not only a pleasure to have known and associated with Art, it was a privilege.

John Arthur Eden Hall, Alberta Land Surveyor, registration number 225, passed away peacefully on March 6, 1996.

J.C. Horn, ALS (Retired)