J.A. (Justin) Brennan

From Alberta's Land Surveying History
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On the occasion of his nomination for Council, 1987

  • Born Bath, New Brunswick
  • Completed high school in 1970 and completed B.Sc. Surveying Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in 1975
  • Articled to R.E. Lafreniere from 1980 to 1981
  • Received CLS commission in 1977
  • Received ALS commission in 1982
  • Received SLS commission in 1984
  • Employed by Energy, Mines & Resources doing legal surveys in Ontario, BC, N.W.T. and the Yukon 1975-1979;
  • Engaged in private practice in Alberta doing legal and engineering surveys 1979-1982;
  • Employed by the Department of Public Works Canada as Manager of Land Surveys, Western Region (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, NWT, Yukon)