J.P. Scott

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John Peter Scott was born in London, England on March 26, 1924. He served with the Royal Air Force from 1942 to 1947 and left the service with the rank of flight lieutenant. From 1947 to 1949, he took various survey courses in the United Kingdom and then worked as a land surveyor with H.M. Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom. He did various surveys throughout the UK within the major cities and rural areas for the purposes of large scale mapping compilation and post-war reconstruction programs.

In July 1957, he came to Canada. From then until 1974, he was with the Saskatchewan Director of Surveys Office where he surveyed highway right-of-ways and other public works.

He left the government in 1974, the same year he was president of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association, and worked as a land surveyor with McElhanney, Coordinate Surveys and Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd.

John Peter Scott passed away October 13, 1985.