J. (Joe) Longo

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Joe Longo, ALS
Known for Served on ALSA Registration Committee and Practice Review Board

As published in ALS News upon receiving his commission in 1999

Joseph Longo was born in St. Catherines, Ontario in 1963.

He graduated from Denis Morris High School in 1982, graduated from Humber College as a Survey Technologist in 1986 and received a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 1994.

M.G. Crape, ALS served as his principal and the topic of the technical report submitted as part of the qualifying examination was "Management of Digital Field Data."

He received his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on April 8, 1999.

Joseph has seven years of experience working with Real Property Reports and construction and subdivision surveys in Toronto. He has five years oilfield experience with Crape Geomatics Corporation in Calgary.

Other activities include skiing, and bike riding.