L.R. (Lorne) Vanderford

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Lorne Vanderford, ALS

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Lorne R. Vanderford in Edmonton on November 14, 1991 at the age of 45 years, following a lengthy illness.

Lorne was born in Berwyn and grew up and attended school in Spirit River. He subsequently attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and received a diploma in survey technology in 1966.

Lorne commenced employment with Walker Newby & Associates Ltd. of Edmonton where he articled to R.J. Fulton, ALS and G.C. Walker, ALS until 1970 when he received his Alberta Land Surveyor commission.

He continued employment with Walker, Newby until 1974 when he joined Coordinate Surveys Ltd. of Edmonton. He managed Coordinate's Ft. McMurray office for four years and returned to Edmonton in 1979 serving as project manager and officer of the company until his death. During this period, Lorne obtained his Canada Lands Surveyor commission and maintained membership in the Canadian Institute of Surveying and Mapping. He was also a member of many Association committees over the years and made a significant contribution to them.

Lorne had numerous hobbies including woodworking, boating, and computer technology. He was always willing to impart his knowledge to others in these areas and offer assistance to his friends and colleagues when requested. Lorne possessed strong principles and never sacrificed his professional integrity to benefit outside secondary interests.

Lorne Vanderford will be sadly missed by his family, friends and fellow employees.

ALS News, January 1992