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L.F. Heuperman

Mr. L.F. Heuperman came to Edmonton from Holland in 1903 or 1904 and settled there. He worked for Driscoll & Knight doing survey work and when his brother F.J. Heuperman arrived got him a job with the same company. After their partnership with A.P. Patrick broke up he went to the United States and worked on roads and highways in Washington, Oregon and Idaho until his retirement. He passed away in 1962 in Salem, Oregon.

Mr. L.F. Heuperman was married and had one daughter, Mrs. Justine Lambert, who was living in Santa Barbara, California. She sent the following brief summary of her father's life:

"Lambertus Heuperman arrived in Edmonton from Amsterdam somewhere in the early 1900s. He was in his twenties at the time. He became a Dominion Land Surveyor and as he often had to stay in small towns where there was no public lodging, he boarded either with farm families (and most of Canada was country at that time) or with a family in town. He worked in the heat of summer but since he was a very fastidious man, he found that the multiplicity of flies in the late summer, especially on the farms, was hard to bear. He used to recall that the insects were frequently fished out of the cream or the applesauce when the family was eating. However, aside from this he enjoyed his work.

In a year or so, he joined a firm of engineers in Edmonton and he was with this firm until he and his wife decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona on account of Mrs. Heuperman' s health. Mr. Heuperman found the Arizona sun trying and the glare was almost unbearable to his delicate eyes.

Mr. and Mrs. Heuperman moved to Marshfield (now Coos Bay) Oregon where Mr. Heuperman held the position of City Engineer until some time around 1915. World War I had started and Mr Heuperman joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces for the duration.

After the war, Mr. and Mrs. Heuperman lived in Montesno, Washington, where Mr. Heuperman was assistant county engineer. He was then employed by the State Highway Department and he and his wife lived in Salem Oregon. While there, Mr. Heuperman aided in developing an excellent Oregon State Highway system. The first highways were built of concrete; forms had to be built and the concrete had to be poured and set. Mr. Heuperman also built concrete bridges at that time and several of these can still be found along the Oregon coast. Later, asphalting was developed.

After his retirement from the Oregon State Highway Department because of his having reached retirement age, Mr. Heuperman was retained by the Idaho State Highway Department as a consultant for a few years and he and Mrs. Heuperman moved to Boise, Idaho.

When he finally did retire, Mr. Heuperman moved to Yachats, a little town on the Oregon Coast.

Mr. Heuperman was also a distinguished geologist and an excellent photographer. When he worked for the State Highway Department in Oregon, he made a huge relief map which required much painstaking labor and research."