M.E. Erfle

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Mel Erfle was registered as an Alberta Land Surveyor on June 8, 1951. Mr. Erfle was a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan in civil engineering.

In 1956, he took employment with Spartan Air Services and Canadian Aero Services Limited who were aerial surveying and photogrammetry companies. The purpose of the Calgary office was chiefly a sales office but it also served as a production office in which they did their own film processing, slotted template laydowns and topographic plotting with Kelsh plotters.

His registration lapsed from 1961-1963 while he was in South America but was renewed in 1964.

In 1967, he went on the Association’s inactive list. At the time, he was manager of the Aerial Mapping Division of Limbaugh Engineers Inc of Albuquerque New Mexico. He had previously been registered as a land surveyor in the state of Colorado.