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By David McWilliam, on the occasion of the presentation of Honorary Life Membership to Marlin Sexauer, 2003

Marlin Lyle Sexauer received his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor on May 16, 1967 but had been involved in all types of cadastral and engineering surveys since 1954.

He was an active member for thirty-one years before retiring in 1998. Marlin articled to Ev Carefoot and he articled Len Olson. Throughout his career as an Alberta Land Surveyor, he served on the Education Committee, Practice Committee, Public Relations Committee, Legislation Committee, Survey Systems Committee, Planning Committee and the Practice Review Board.

In 1973, Marlin was elected President of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association. In his presidential year, discussions carried on regarding survey education, professionalism and the formation of the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors. In other matters, the Association began charging articled students an annual fee and including them in activities that would provide articled students with a better understanding of the Association and equip them better for registration as Alberta Land Surveyors. It would also provide a record of the persons interested in pursuing a career in land surveying.

In 1991, he was a recipient of the ALSA Outstanding Service Award. The late Bill Wolley-Dod presented Marlin with the award. Bill noted Marlin's tireless efforts as a member, director or chairman of such community organizations as the Whitecourt/Fox Creek Hospital District, the United Way, Whitecourt Housing Authority, Whitecourt Economic Development Advisory Board, Whitecourt Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Forestry Centre Task Force, Whitecourt Lions Club, the Masonic Lodges in Edmonton and Whitecourtand the Order of the Eastern Star. Bill also said that Marlin was never too busy to offer advice and assistance to anyone who sought it.

Bill also made a few remarks about Marlin's hair, or lack of it, about being jealous of Bob Baker's ability with the bagpipes and the amount of time he spent in the field. According to his biography, Marlin enjoys golf, wind surfing, sailing, travel (which explains his suntan at the beginning of spring in Calgary). We are pleased that he was able to return from the sunny south.

Mr. Sexauer addressed the audience as follows:

Back in 1967, everyone had a centennial project. Mine was to become registered as an Alberta Land Surveyor. I remember our first Annual General Meeting was here in Calgary at the Palliser Hotel. We had the privilege of being presented our certificate and also being congratulated by the most senior member of the Association in attendance, Bob McCutcheon. The certificate was rolled up and tied with a blue ribbon and when it was presented to us, we promptly sat down. How that ceremony has truly evolved.

The year I was president, Cay and I were fortunate that Charlie Weir was President of the then Canadian Institute of Surveying. We travelled together throughout Canada with Kay and Charlie Weir, attending most of the annual general meetings of the associations. Folks, you can well imagine the memories that we have of that year.

I would also like to make the Association aware of another very astute group that was formed within the Association and that was the SWOBBs (Sexauer, Watson, Okamura, Baker and the BC connection, Brown). We would make an annual trek to the Rockies to check out the east slope drainage every year. We were fortunate enough to be given the Gillmore cabin in Cadomin to stay in. Unfortunately, we never invited Dunc to join us and, as a result, he revoked the cabin privileges. It could have been because of Baker's midnight renditions of the Edinburgh tattoo.

My years as a member of this Association have been made truly memorable by you, the other members, for your sincerity, your honesty, your integrity and for your cooperation. I thank you for this prestigious award. I will cherish it always.