M.T. (Michael) Tarczysnki

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Michael Tarczysnki, ALS

Michael Tarczynski died on September 19, 2005 at the age of ninety. He was pre-deceased by his wife May, and he is survived by his daughter Nina, son-in-law Jerry, and grandson Michael.

He was born in November 1914 in Teskov, a small town on the Czechoslovakian border, where his Polish mother had been evacuated during World War I.

Although his father was a cavalry officer in the Polish Army, Mike decided to make the Navy his career and completed the Polish Naval College. When Germany invaded Poland, he and a group of his naval comrades, commandeered a harbour craft and ran the German blockade. They crossed the Baltic Sea to Sweden, where, because of Sweden’s neutrality, there were interred until 1944.

After repatriation to England, Mike saw action in the English Channel on a number of Polish destroyers, most notably the O.R.P. Blyskawica (Lightning). Shortly after the war, he married, May Hamrin, his Swedish sweetheart.

Unable to return to Poland after the war because of the newly-installed communist regime, he joined the British Merchant Marine. In 1949, he was hired on with Shell Petroleum in Venezuela and served as a deck officer on oil tankers until June 1951.

Mike immigrated to Canada with his wife and young daughter in January 1952. Almost immediately, he started working for the Alberta Department of Highways as a plan examiner. Mike articled to C.W. Lester and J.F.B. O’Sullivan and was registered as an Alberta Land Surveyor on May 21, 1958.

As an Alberta Land Surveyor, Mike performed surveys with the Director of Surveys Office in various ministries, mainly in north central Alberta, until his retirement in 1983. While under articles, Mike was recognized as “having a high order of intelligence in his grasp of surveying problems and skill in the handling of field instruments and the ability of getting the best out of the men under his supervision, whilst retaining their respect and esteem.”

Members R.F. Baker and G.R. Moore worked with Mike prior to receiving their own commissions as Alberta Land Surveyors.

Portions of this memoriam were submitted by Nina Eisinga (daughter) R.F. Baker, ALS (Hon. Life), G.R. Moore, ALS (Ret.), Gerald Peterson (crew member).