P.S. (Paul) White

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Paul White, ALS

Born: November 19, 1929 in Toronto Ontario.


  • Mount Royal High School, Montreal, Quebec;
  • Bishop’s College School, Lennoxville, Quebec;
  • West Hill High School, Montreal, Quebec;
  • 1956—University of British Columbia: B.A. Sc. Mining Engineering;
  • 1959—Commissioned as Lieutenant in Royal Canadian Engineers.


  • 1959—Registered as Professional Mining Engineer (Alberta);
  • 1963—Commissioned as Alberta Land Surveyor;
  • 1964—Commissioned as Dominion Land Surveyor;
  • 1964—Registered as Professional Mining Engineer in Yukon Territory. Surveying and mapping career:
  • Articled Fred Welter, ALS.


  • 1963—Commenced private survey practice in Grande Prairie, Alberta as White and Hosford Ltd. (subsequently renamed White, Hosford and Impey Ltd.)
  • 1964—Opened branch office for White and Hosford Ltd. in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory;
  • 1967—Opened branch office for White and Hosford Ltd. in Yellowknife, NWT;
  • 1967—Created North West Survey Corporation (Yukon) Ltd. (aerial survey and photogrammetric mapping).;
  • 1968—Opened North West Survey Corporation (Yukon) Ltd. office in Edmonton;
  • 1972—Sold interests in surveying and mapping operations to focus on mineral prospecting in Yukon and NWT.;
  • 1973/74—Special Assistant to Hon. J. Chretien Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.

Paul was involved in various mineral exploration and mining ventures before and after Paul’s surveying and mapping career (1963 to 1972).

He was a proud member of the Lions Club for over fifty years and supported many community programs.

A jazz aficionado, his love of jazz music as a scholar historian, a musician and enthusiast was well known as was his support for the community of jazz musicians He founded the Classic Jazz Guild of Calgary and, as an avid jazz enthusiast, organized and promoted numerous jazz events in Calgary and Southern BC, including on Saturna Island where he lived.

Paul was also in the process of writing a book about survey and mapping history of the Yukon.

A master wordsmith and orator of considerable skill, his storytelling and accounts of various adventures captivated many an ear

Paul White passed peacefully, family at his side, on Saturday, October 8th, 2011.

His wit, charm and keen intellect will be missed. Never short for words or opinion, he was a strong personality that would take challenges head-on. His entrepreneurial spirit brought involvement in many great ventures and adventures from the iron ore fields of Labrador to aerial surveys of the Arctic and gold and silver mining from the Yukon to Australia and Russia.