Percy N. Johnson

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Percy N. Johnson, ALS
Known for ALSA President (1919, 1925, 1935), Director of Surveys (1922-1937), Registrar & Secretary-Treasurer (1927-1931), Honorary Life Member (1939)

A native of Nottingham, England, Percy Johnson came to Canada in 1898 and, in 1899, entered the service of the NWT government. He worked on irrigation projects in the Calgary district for a short time and was, afterwards, employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the City of Edmonton.

After serving articles under Lionel Charlesworth, Mr. Johnson obtained his DLS commission in 1909. In 1912, he was appointed district surveyor and engineer at Edmonton and later at Calgary. In 1922, he returned to Edmonton as Assistant Director of Surveys and, in 1923, was appointed Director, a position he held until his retirement fifteen years later.

Mr. Johnson remained a steadfast advocate of the virtues of all things British. He enjoyed debate and argument and always listened with respect to the views of others. His outstanding characteristic was his fair-mindedness and this, together with his genuine personality and native common sense, earned him the high esteem of his fellow surveyors.

He was an enthusiastic lawn bowler and pianist of considerable accomplishment. He had little patience with modern frivolities and would often express himself forcefully on such subjects as motion pictures and radio.

Mr. Johnson died on October 11, 1942 in Victoria, British Columbia at the age of 67.