R.B. (Bob) MacDormand

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Bob MacDormand, ALS
Known for Former Alberta Society of Surveying & Mapping Technologies Council Member

As published in ALS News upon receiving his commission in 2002

Bob MacDormand graduated from Harry Ainlay Composite High School in Edmonton in 1972 and went on to complete a B.Sc. at the University of Alberta in 1989.

Alberta Land Surveyors, Mike Michaud, Grant Cross, Brian Huber and Fred Rogers served as principals from 1994 to 2002.

The topic of the technical report submitted as part of the qualifying examination was Residential Building Layout and the Real Property Report. Commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor was received on May 27, 2002.

Bob served on the ALSA Legislation Committee in 1995-1996. He also served on ASSMT as a councillor in 1995-1996 and on the Legislation Committee in 1994-1995. Surveying experience includes eight years with the provincial and federal governments, involvement with subdivision and residential surveys for three years, oilfield surveys for four years and road construction and other surveys for two years.