R.C. (Robin) Hatherley

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Robin Charles Hatherley was born in Willesden Green, England in 1931 and graduated from Ealing Grammar School, Middlesex, England in 1948. After graduation, he became a student topographical surveyor with the Ordnance Survey of Britain (1951-1952), the state topographical survey in Helsinki, Finland in 1953. He worked as a draftsman in Brazil in 1954 and then as a surveyor/prospector in Nigeria in 1955.

In January 1956, Robin Hatherley came to Canada and worked with Photographic Surveys Limited in Montreal and on the DEW line in Baffin. After studying at the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute in 1959, he obtained his Nova Scotia Land Surveyor’s commission (NSLS #258) and did one season with the Canadian Hydrographic Service in 1960.

Thereafter, Mr. Hatherley was with various geophysical firms as a topographical and gravity surveyor in many Middle East, North African, South American countries and Australia until about 1966. He returned to Canada and worked as a party chief on legal surveys in British Columbia.

On April 14, 1972, Robin Hatherley obtained his Dominion Land Surveyor commission and a few short months later, on June 9, 1972, he was commissioned as Alberta Land Surveyor #362.

The following year, he attended school at Ecole Suisse Pour Operateurs-Photogrammetres in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Mr. Hatherley then went on to work for a short time as a photogrammetric operator in Alabama in the United States and in Denmark.

In 1978-1979, Mr. Hatherley was with the Control Surveys Section of Alberta Transportation. He moved to Grand Centre in 1979, first with K.B. Drake & Associates and then established his private practice in Grand Centre in 1982.

In 1982, he established his own private practice in Grand Centre and then did the same in Veteran, Alberta in the mid 1980s.

Mr. Hatherley was interested in stamp and foreign bank note collecting and had a keen interest in the stock market.

Robin Charles Hatherley retired as an Alberta Land Surveyor on May 1, 2002. He passed away in Veteran, Alberta on December 23, 2006.