R.H. Cautley

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R.H. Cautley

Reginald Hutton Cautley died at the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton on July 5, 1945. He was born at Ipswich, England in 1879 and was the fifth son of Rev R.H. Cautley. He went to the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall and came to Canada in 1900 where he articled to his brother Richard W. Cautley at Dawson. He obtained his DLS commission in 1904 and was employed on subdivision surveys which were some of the last surveys required to complete the subdivision of the open prairies.

In 1911, he became a charter member of the ALSA.

In 1913, Mr. Cautley married Miss Marjorie Garvey of Sarnia Ontario who survived him. At the time of his death, his only son, Captain C.F. Cautley, RCA, was still overseas.

"Reg" went to Edmonton in 1903 where he eventually acquired the practice of Messrs. Driscoll and Knight and became an authority of Edmonton city surveys.

From 1921 until his death, Mr. Cautley was president of the Commercial Life Assurance Company which originated in Edmonton but whose head offices were moved to Toronto. He also acted as local examiner for Dominion Land Surveyors' examinations held at Edmonton.

A sincere Anglican in religion, Mr. Cautley was people's warden of Christ Church in Edmonton for 26 years.

Canadian Surveyor, October 1945