R.S. (Roderick) Galloway

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Roderick Galloway passed away August 17, 1994 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Rod was prairie-born in Herbert, Saskatchewan on September 18, 1918. He grew up in the dust bowl of Saskatchewan while attending public and high school at Southey and Regina.

He went on to attend the Regina Normal School and Regina College before teaching for two years. He joined the Canadian Army in 1940 and served 5½ years in the European Theatre in a survey regiment. On cessation of the war, he attended a survey course in Holland promoted by the DLS.

On his return to civy street, he was employed by the Department of Highways, articling to E.W. Murray, SLS, DLS. On the retirement of Mr. Murray, articles were transferred to O.W. Martyn, SLS, DLS. Rod received SLS commission #97 in June 1949. The was followed by his ALS commission in 1950 and DLS commission in 1953.

In 1949, Rod changed employment to SOHIO Petroleum as Landman for Canada. In 1951, he decided to go into private practice as a SLS with Regina as his headquarters. During this period, many survey courses and seminars were taken. He was president of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association in 1962 after serving on most committees.

In 1969, in response to a request of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association, he set up a two-year surveyor’s course at STI, Moose Jaw. He continued to instruct same for 5½ years. During this period, he obtained his Bachelor of Education in Continuing Education.

He served on the University of Saskatchewan Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors. When forced to retire for health reasons, he moved to B.C. to continue his interest in gardening.

Rod was survived by his wife, Norma, whom he married while overseas, as well as a daughter, Heather, and two sons, Gregory and Roderick.

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association Newsletter, September 1994