T.C. (Tom) Swanby

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Tom Swanby, ALS
Known for ALSA President (1967), Honorary Life Member (2001)

By Larry Pals, on the occasion of the presentation of Honorary Life Membership to Tom Swanby

Tom Swanby received his commission on June 15, 1961 and was an active member of the Association for thirty-three years.

His survey experience includes legal surveys and mapping throughout Canada with the federal government, private practice in Calgary for close to twenty years and then he served as a sessional professor at the University of Calgary for another twelve years during the important formative years of the University of Calgary program.

Tom was always viewed as a forward thinking member of the Association and that is probably why he was invited to serve on the special Committee on the Future in 1972-1973 and the Expanded Survey Profession Committee in 1986.

In addition to all of these accomplishments, he served on Council from 1964-1968 and again in 1986-1988. He served as President of the Association in 1967.

Mr. Swanby addressed the membership as follows:

I am really honoured to be here today among such an illustrious group of people. I noticed that the fellows that preceded me had long speeches. Both my pockets are empty and I think Holmberg got one of my speeches and MacCrimmon got the other.

I don't really have any great words of wisdom because I have found over the years the older I get, the less I know about more things.

I can tell you, though, as you get older there are some perks. Things get a little easier. For instance, it is much easier to brush your hair because you don't have so much of it any more. It's easier to get up earlier in the morning-you have to go to the bathroom anyway so you might as well getup. Another advantage is a hearing aid. When the grandchildren start making a racket and even sometime when Shirley talks to me, I can turn my hearing aid down. So really, it's easier all the way around.