V.P. (Victor) Halinen

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Mr. Victor Halinen passed away suddenly on the evening of July 11, 1968.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 4, 1910, he moved with his family to Estonia where he passed his youth. He received a degree in geological engineering from the Universite de Nancy in France in 1935. Later he worked in the mining and engineering fields in Estonia and Finland, before immigrating to Canada in 1951.

Mr. Halinen became a Canadian citizen in 1956. He loved this country and often referred to his first contact with North America, which was Hoover Aid. In Canada he worked as town planner, chief engineer, draftsman, and land surveyor. He received his ALS commission in 1963.

After settling in Pleasantview, he was enthusiastic about starting a new congregation. He attended the first service in the community hall, became a charter member of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, and served on the Church Council.

Mr. Halinen married Maire Yihuri in 1944.

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