1978 The First Full-time Registrar

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Leading up to the 1978 Annual General Meeting, Ken Allred had been hired as the Association’s first full-time Secretary-Treasurer and Registrar. In addition, the office moved from the Bonnie Doon Shopping Mall to 121A Avenue in Edmonton.

During the 1976-1977 fiscal year, 32 new members where commissioned and two former members renewed their registration. The large number of new members registered was a result of the large number of examinations written in recent years as articled students attempted to gain their commission before the new exam syllabus came into effect.

The conversion to the metric system continued to create problems. As a result of a problem where a member had submitted a metric plan to Land Titles, had it registered and subsequently de-registered, Council directed that a note be placed in ALS News warning members of the position of the Attorney-General regarding metric conversion. Later, Council agreed to make representations to the Minister of Agriculture regarding his press release calling for the retention of the "acre" in land measurement.

In response to a question from a member, Council agreed that any advertising by members should be informational rather than promotional.

The 1978 annual general meeting at Jasper Park Lodge was rescheduled due to labour problems. Council postponed the meeting to April 30, May 1 and May 2.

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