1985 The Absence of Adequate Written Standards

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With the introduction of the new Land Surveyors Act and the ongoing economic recession, the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association found itself devoting more time to discipline matters. In 1984-1985, there were four appeals from decisions of the Discipline Committee, of which one was appealed to the Court of Queen's Bench. There were also major concerns regarding the number and amount of repetitive liability insurance claims in Alberta and Council asked the Practice Review Board to investigate the causes and details.

This led President Bob Fulton to report to the membership that it was his opinion that the public was demanding ever-increasing responsibility on the part of the professions and he lamented the absence of adequate written standards within the profession. While the Association had a Code of Ethics and good practice resolutions, Mr. Fulton explained that there was no clear standard for wellsite surveys, condominium surveys, Building Location Certificates and the like.

At the Annual Meeting itself, Mr. Fulton reported that the most important issue before the Association was the establishment of an expanded survey profession. The membership considered an Associate membership by-law but discussion on the matter was tabled pending a seminar on the subject.

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