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A.G. Turnock, ALS

Arnold Gordon Turnock was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1925. He took two years of civil engineering at the University of Alberta and articled to Oluff Inkster from 1951 to 1954. In 1954, he obtained his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor.

Since 1947, he had been continuously employed by Imperial Oil Limited.

1947-1952 - Surveyor, Devon area.

1952 - Surveyor & Construction Supervisor, Peace River.

1953-1958 - Surveyor & Survey Supervisor, Devon.

1958-1968 - Survey Supervisor, Edmonton.

During this period 1953-1968 his group handled all surveys in Western Canada for Esso.

1968-1973 - Construction Supervisor for Esso Arctic operations, including survey supervision of all Arctic work. (Beaufort and Arctic Islands)

1973-1977 - Operations Superintendent for Support operations in the Arctic including surveys, transportation and construction in The Mackenzie Delta.

1977-1979 - Construction Superintendent for Western Canada.

His group (56 people) handled construction for Esso Production Department - wellsites, roads, pipelines, plants and facilities within the three western provinces and Norman Wells NWT. This includes all surveys. He had in his section a group of six people who supervise the survey activities for all projects. (including one full-time photogrammetrist)

He went on the inactive list in 1972 because surveys in the Territories did not require registration (at that time). Since returning to the engineering department (1977) he again became involved in the three western provinces, mainly Alberta, where they were performing all types of oilfield surveys including computer coordinates and computer drafting.

Over the years, since commissioning, Arnold Gordon Turnock performed many wellsite, road, and pipeline surveys.