A. (Sandy) MacTaggart

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Sandy MacTaggart, ALS
Known for Worked as a surveyor in the UK; Also commissioned as a Manitoba Land Surveyor and Canada Lands Surveyor

Alexander (Sandy) MacTaggart was born in Scotland in 1924 and came to Canada in 1954.

Mr. MacTaggart was a Manitoba Land Surveyor, Canada Lands Surveyor and a member of the Minnesota Land Surveyors Association.

Before coming to Canada, he trained and served with the ordnance survey. He then joined the Ministry of Fuel in 1950 and then the City of Manchester in 1952.

Upon arriving in Canada, he worked with the City of Winnipeg until 1961 and then went to work for himself until 1968. Sandy MacTaggart then joined the Surveyor General’s Office and then went to work for Public Works Canada.

In 1982, he left the employ of the federal government and returned to working for himself until he retired in 2000.

Mr. MacTaggart passed away February 29, 2008.