H.D. (Hal) Revill

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Harold Davidson (Hal) Revill was commissioned as an Alberta Land Surveyor on May 23, 1962.

In 1970, he returned to university and graduated in law in 1973 and was called to the bar in British Columbia in 1974. In a letter to the Association, dated 1981, he indicated that he was practicing law for most of the time since then, although he had done a little field survey work to keep his hand in.

After leaving Alberta in 1967 and before attending university, his experience included legal survey work on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. He performed a five-month contract with BC Hydro in which he calculated the volume of water in the Arrow Lakes System. This involved precise area measurement for different levels of the lakes, using large scale aerial photographs. The tables which he produced were used subsequently as the basis for negotiations with the American authorities.

During 1969-1970, prior to going to UBC, he worked as chief draftsman with the Water Survey Branch of the then federal Department of Mines and Minerals.

He was last listed on the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association register in 1984.