H.M.R. Soars

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On March 25, 1925, Norman Soars, accountant, wrote the following letter to ALSA Registrar B.F. Mitchell:

Dear Sir:

I beg to notify you of the death of my brother, H.M.R. Soars, Alberta & Dominion Land Surveyor, which occurred in England on March 4th last very suddenly.

His death was indirectly due to a dilated heart which caused his retirement from the practice of his profession some five or six years ago.

Up till that time he had been actively engaged in surveying in Northern Alberta since he first came out to this country in 1903.

I cannot give you the date when he qualified as a DLS, but this information could doubtless be supplied by Mr. Driscoll or Mr. Cautley both of whom knew him well.

His age was about 48; he leaves three children, his wife having predeceased him.

I am giving you this information so that you can, if you think fit, acquaint his former friends and associates with the news of his death.

Thanking you,

I am,

Yours sincerely,

Norman Soars