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James Edward Gray, the son of William and Ellen Gray of Uxbridge, Ontario, was born October 12, 1880.

Mr. Gray received his primary and secondary education in the public and high schools in Uxbridge. He was in the 1909 class at the little red school house, School of Practical Science, University of Toronto. Following his graduation from the University of Toronto, he obtained his surveyor's certificate as a Dominion Land Surveyor, an Alberta Land Surveyor and a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor. It was to be sometime later that Mr. Gray decided to secure his commission to practice as an Ontario Land Surveyor, and which he obtained in the year 1937.

The early part of Mr. Gray's surveying career was spent in the western part of Canada with both the Department of Interior and with Messrs. Murphy and Underwood, surveyors in Saskatoon. For twelve years prior to joining the Ontario Department of Highways in 1937, he was employed with the Canadian National Railways on survey and engineering work. Following his employment with the Ontario Department of Highways between the years 1937 - 1941, he started a small surveying practice in the western part of Toronto.

His later years were spent gardening, fruit farming and travelling in Florida and Mexico during the winter months.

Mr. Gray, a bachelor, was a strict vegetarian and this presented many problems to him when he was engaged in surveys in out of-the-way places.

Mr. Gray died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Toronto on June 17, 1964.

Source: Association of Ontario Land Surveyors