K.B. (Kristopher) Jewett

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Kristopher Jewett, ALS
Known for University of New Brunswick graduate

As published in ALS News upon receiving his commission in 2007

Kristopher Jewett was born in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick in April 1976. He graduated from Fredericton High School in 1994 and received a B.Sc.Eng. Geomatics from the University of New Brunswick in 2002.

Articles were served under Alberta Land Surveyors, Robert Morrison, Ross Woolgar and David Thomson from January 2003 until he received his commission on September 25, 2007.

Kristopher is employed with Challenger Geomatics Ltd. in Calgary and is currently serving on the ALSA Public Relations Committee.

Surveying experience has involved working as an oilfield party chief for Crape Geomatics Corporation and Usher Canada Limited (MMM Geomatics Alberta Limited) as well as municipal management at Challenger Geomatics Ltd.