K.F. (Ken) Berg

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Ken returned to his native Alberta and became an instructor at NAIT in 1970 just after he received his Ontario Land Surveyor commission. The following year he received his Alberta Land Surveyor commission.

His first class had only seven graduates, including John Van Berkel and Peter Lapainis, who went on to receive their ALS commissions.

Over the thirty-one years, he has instructed over eight hundred students in various courses. Approximately thirty students went on to receive their ALS commissions, while others went on to receive other commissions and degrees. Ken served under four different NAIT presidents. For 27 years, he has also served on a variety of ALSA committees as well as a two-year term on Council.

On June 8, 2001, a retirement reception was given for Ken at NAIT, which was attended by over sixty staff members.