L.M. (Lana) Bily

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As published in ALS News upon receiving her commission in 2009

Lana Bily was born in Russell, Manitoba in 1979. She graduated from Major Pratt Collegiate in 1997 and went on to receive a diploma in Geomatics Technology from Red River College in 2000 and a BSc in Engineering (Geomatics) from the University of Calgary in 2004.

Connie Petersen, ALS served as Lana’s principal from April 2006 until she received her commission on October 13, 2009. Surveying experience includes: topographic surveys of the 2010 Olympic Nordic Centre and Athletes’ Village in Whistler, BC; construction surveys for the Len Cove Tunnel Project in Sydney, Australia; mining construction and municipal surveys in Mt. Isa, Australia; municipal and oil and gas related surveys with Midwest Surveys Inc. in Medicine Hat from 2006 to 2009. She transferred to the Estevan, SK office of Midwest Surveys in the spring of 2009.