L.W. (Len) Grover

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Len Grover, ALS
Known for Registered as an Alberta Land Surveyors from 1955-1983

Lenwood Wallace Grover, 94, of Honolulu, a retired civil engineer, died on November 26, 2015. He was born in Halkirk, Alberta. He is survived by wife Elli, daughter Stella, stepson Ken sister Lois, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

He was registered as ALS#216 on July 6, 1955. He retired from Underwood McLellan in 1982 and was on the Association's registrar until 1985.

On April 28 1982, the Hanna Herald published the following notice

Success in Canada's' corporate world entails men and women, from all walks of life, and hamlets, towns, cities and farms... from a meager beginning most of them make it to the top or close thereto.

Such is the case of Lenwood “Len” Grover, a one-time Hanna boy who recently retired as executive vice-president of the well-known engineering and architectural firm of Underwood and McLellan, and a recent retirement gathering and testimonial in Calgary, paid tribute to the contributions he has made to the firm, which itself began in a small way and is now recognized for its efficiency and service all over North America.

Len is a brother of well-known insurance agent and realtor Clair Grover. He with his father and mother, the late Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grover and other members of the family came to Hanna during the Depression years. He attended Hanna public and high school and like most small-town boys took part in various sports, such as baseball and hockey and became one of the "boys of summer" during his youth. Len's' ascent in the corporate world actually began with the outbreak of World War II, when he enlisted in an engineering component of the Canadian Army. When the war was over he returned to Canada and continued his studies at the University of Alberta where he graduated in civil engineering. At the time of his retirement he held the degree of P.Eng in the firm which he originally obtained initial employment, as well as chief operating officer.