R.W.E. Loucks

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It is with deep regret that the death is recorded of Roy William Egbert Loucks, AMEIC, which occurred at Regina, Saskatchewan, on March 30th, 1931.

Mr. Loucks was born at Meaford, Ontario, on October 31st, 1884, and was educated at the public schools there, later teaching for two years prior to taking a course in civil engineering at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1908 with honours.

Mr. Loucks was a Dominion, Saskatchewan and Alberta Land Surveyor, and for some time in 1909-1910 he did mining prospecting in the north of Saskatchewan and also surveying work in the extreme north.

In 1911 he was assistant to T.W. Brown on Saskatchewan land surveys and general engineering for municipalities. Later, he organized the North-West Construction Company at Saskatoon, and in 1913 established the engineering firm of Brown and Loucks in that city.

Mr. Loucks became a student member of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers on June 12th, 1909 and transferred to associate membership on September 19th, 1916. He took an active interest in the affairs of the Institute and was, for a number of years secretary-treasurer of the Saskatchewan Branch.

Canadian Surveyor, July 1931