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I have been unable to locate any information on Mr. Evans other than he was born in the Village of Corinth, Ontario in 1884 and that he surveyed mineral claims in southern Saskatchewan in the 1920s.

He had surveyed sodium sulphate claims in Group 69, Maple Creek area, in Township 16, Range 25, West of the 3rd Meridian in 1921 as a Dominion Land Surveyor. There are also claims near Fox Valley (Ingebright Lake) that he surveyed in 1921.

He received his Dominion Land Surveyor commission in 1911, number 0435, and his Alberta Land Surveyor commission out of Calgary in 1919 as number 112.

I also noted a reference in my research that he was with Topographical Surveys prior to 1920.

Jack Webb In "Muskeg, Outcrops And 40 Below"